"Every moment in the market is unique."

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Mark Douglas

What are some of your most pressing trading challenges today?  What is it you feel you have yet to accomplish with your trading? 

  • Do you want to be more consistent? 
  • Have you realized a steady and upward equity curve?   
  • Can you take advantage of opportunity when you see it in the markets?
  • Do you wonder why you may not follow your rules all the time?
  • Have you developed a professional trader's mindset?
  • Are you afraid of losing?

No matter what your answers to the above questions may be, one of the things you have to understand is that all traders go through a period of self-examination.  It is part of trading.  You have to "know" what you are thinking at every moment ~ to be able to effectively take charge and manage your trades.  You also have to understand your own, unique mindset, and update that mindset as needed to one that is more productive and produce higher results.

Popularly recognized as one of the founders of the coaching industry for traders, Mark's first book on trading Psychology ~ The Disciplined Trader ~ helped pave the way for many traders to understand that to be a consistently successful trader, and develop a professional trader's mindset ~ takes more than just technical analysis and a reliable system.  These concepts were expanded in his second book, Trading in the Zone which continued the determined trader's education to become the best trader he can be.  And so no matter what you answer to the above questions, if you feel you have any trading challenges in these areas then his material is for you.

What Mark and his products will help you discover is what the most successful traders have learned, implemented and know ~ that they had to acquire, and instill within their own thoughts, specific psychological trading attributes and skills unique to trading. 

Attributes and skills which allow them to transcend the most common of trading errors that continue to challenge and limit the results all other traders. 

This unique and specialized trading and thinking methodology, along with enhanced trading skills can be accomplished by any trader ~ by any trader willing to go the distance, do what needs to be done with regard to how they manage their own thoughts and actions ~ and do the mental homework necessary to instill a professional trader's mindset.

Through Mark's award-winning books, CDs and workshop materials ~ developed through his expertise as one of the first trading coaches in the industry ~ you will find the necessary steps to answer and alleviate your most pressing trading challenges.  With this specialized background in the industry, he will bring you a wealth of information in your quest to create ~ or increase ~ your trading equity, through consistency, objectivity and overall success.

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Mark has provided consulting services with Financial Trading Institutions, Investment Banks and firms such as:

  • Chicago Board of Trade, New York Board of Trade ~ Coffee Sugar Cocoa Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange 
  • First Chicago Corp., Smith Barney, Tudor Jones, SAAFTI, Dow Jones Telerate
  • Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Swiss Bank
  • MetaStock, Online Investor Expos, The Money Show, Equis
  • Fibonacci Trader
  • and more.

These engagements have taken Mark around the world to ~ Europe, Australia, the Far East, India, New Zealand, Russia, as well as across the United States and Canada for over 20 years.


  • Mark was educated at Michigan State University ~ majoring in Interpersonal communications and Political Science
  • He is a current member of the National Authors Guild
  • He enjoys playing competitive Ice Hockey on local teams
  • He currently trades for himself while working on his third book